Taiko Concert

Feniks Taiko & Friends Bonten

June 30, 2023 | Mark Liebrechtschouwburg, Mortsel – BE     SOLD OUT

July 1, 2023 | Stadthalle, Erkrath – DE

July 7, 2023 | Dorpshuis ’t Hart van Oijen, Oijen – NL     CANCELLED

Logo Feniks Taiko

What happens when you bring the passion of top groups from Europe and Japan together?

You can expect a rollercoaster of lightning fast rhythms, sparkling energy and a tantalizing dynamic.

In 2023 you can see these two fantastic groups side by side in three different countries in Europe!!

The founders of both groups – Masataka Kobayashi and Grete Moortgat- share the same passion for and vision of music and taiko. It is their ambition to detach taiko from its niche in world-music and lift it to its full, independent place on the international music scene. To this end, both leaders have collaborated on numerous occasions with artists from a vast array of disciplines in order to explore and show the diversity and musicality of taiko.

With this vision as a starting point, they train their players to become dynamic, virtuoso and flexible all-round taiko-musicians. In this concert the alumni of the Araumi Daiko Academy return to the essence of taiko; speed and strength, sweat and discipline, thunderous rhythms and tight choreographies.

A concert not to be missed!


This group, at the forefront of the Tokyo taiko-scene, is headed by Masataka Kobayashi. Bonten’s performances are known for their boundless energy, elegant movements and lightning-fast rhythms. Their repertoire is synonymous with musicality and technical difficulty of the highest level. They combine the discipline of taiko-tradition with ground-breaking and multi-disciplinary projects.

Since 2014 Grete Moortgat is an honorary member of Bonten and has shared the podium with them in Europe and Japan. From the very beginning of their collaboration, it has been Grete’s wish to bring this extraordinary team to the European public.

Feniks Taiko

Over the past decade, Feniks Taiko has earned a reputation as one of Europe’s top taiko groups. They are known for their powerful performances in varied playing-styles, their musicality and their vast repertoire.

Feniks Taiko is headed by Grete Moortgat, who is also the founder of the Araumi Daiko Academy; the first taiko-school in Belgium. Grete has composed and arranged over 200 pieces for taiko-groups, ballet-ensembles and music academies in Belgium and abroad. The members of Feniks Taiko are the alumni of this academy and play the most complex and challenging pieces.

You don’t want to miss this!

Friday June 30, 2023 – SOLD OUT

Saturday July 1, 2023

Friday July 7, 2023 – CANCELLED

Doors 19:30, concert 20:00


Mark Liebrecht Schouwburg
Heilig Kruisstraat 16, Mortsel – BE

Stadthalle Erkrath
Neanderstraße 58, Erkrath – DE

Dorpshuis ’t Hart van Oijen
Kloosterstraat 1, Oijen – NL


30€/pp in pre-sale, 35€/pp on the evening of the concert

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the workshops by Bonten taiko.

  • Beginner level: Minimum 0-1 year of experience playing Taiko.

July 2, 12:00 – 14:00, 90€ Wadokyo, Düsseldorf – DE

July 8 and 9 (2 days) 9:00 – 18:00, 250€/pp, Oijen – NL

  • Intermediate level: Minimum 2 years of experience playing Taiko.

July 2, 14:30 – 16:30, 90€ Wadokyo, Düsseldorf – DE

July 3 and 4 (2 days) 9:00 – 18:00, 250€/pp, Mortsel – BE

  • Advanced level: Minimum 4 years of experience playing Taiko.

July 5 and 6 (2 days) 9:00 – 18:00, 250€/pp, Mortsel – BE